The Warrior Way of Loving What Blocks Us: Overeating

In Beingness one comes with joy – running Home as that is the Light that beckons our hearts.  Oh, that the path be clear and quick.  Alas, because we are human, the ego in its compassionate way of attempting to protect us has created heavy overcoats of lower vibrational energies that cause us to stumble and fall on our way back to the Source of who we really are.

These heavy overcoats are the beliefs that somehow we are not good enough, that we need other people’s approval, that we cannot and do not trust ourselves on some levels.  These life-smothering veneers cause us to seek our lost power in comforting foods, material goods, and addictions.   We become disconnected from our Inner Essence, that which we really are.  We end up falling asleep at times and experiencing the pain that comes from separation from our Truth.

And so we must learn the Warrior Way of Loving each obstacle in our path; each suffocating overcoat must be dissolved into Light.  The old Way of the Warrior was to constantly fight the blockages.  Fighting them is not the answer.  The overcoated blockages seem to have 99,999 lives.  Loving them is.  This is the new way of the Warrior. 

If one is overeating, then love the overeating.  Pulsate the act of overeating with love.  See the gift in what it tries to bring to you….as if it were a young child bringing you a present.  Accept the gift; do not resist it by refusing it.  Ask the gift what it can bring to you to realize where you are stuck in separation.

The act of overeating is a gift from that ego that wants you to survive so much that it overwhelms your balanced need to eat.  See the depth of fear in that need to survive.  Rather than resisting the fear, appreciate the fear for its gift.

The ego simply responds to the anxiety created from your thoughts and emotions deeply rooted in believing you are separated from your Source.  The ego believes in its own power to solve problems.  It operates in fear when operating on its own.  It knows no other way.

When the heart steps in to guide the ego, soul work is occurring.  When we allow our hearts to hold that fear in compassion, understanding that the ego’s need to overeat is to help us survive, we can relax into healing.  We can see that fear as a symbol in our mind’s eye, we can hug it, being grateful for it as a teaching tool.  We can see it as a child whose only desire is to make us happy.

If we meet this child at the level of its need……overeating for an illusion of comfort…..then we will suffer and the child will suffer.  The ego will keep trying to fill the stomach in order to solve the problem.

Instead we hold the child tenderly.  We are not afraid as we rock the comfort-seeking child.  In that moment we can consider other ways of feeding this insatiable child.   We choose to feed that child love. We pulsate love from our hearts and permeate this child with unconditional love.

We surround this child with thoughts and feelings of safety, feeding this child understanding and compassion.  We fill this child up with life-sustaining love. With patience and commitment we tell the child over and over again how we appreciate its teaching gifts to us for our healing. We invite this child into our heart to live with connection with us and the Source within.

We surrender to the lesson of our overeating by seeing the depth of the child’s need to survive.  We continue to feed the child love and bless this one for showing us how scared a part of us is when we live in separation from our loving heart, our soul.  The child is starving for love.  We tell this child how much we love this little one as we fold the child into our hearts.  We hold her there and never let her go.  We commit to holding this little one in compassion everyday.

As we choose the path of the Warrior in Love, we begin to notice how the anxiety is decreasing, how we feel comforted on a higher level of security and safety than ever before.  We notice after a while that we are eating in a greater balance with our bodies’ needs.  We are no longer being drawn to the extra piece or pieces of something.  We intuitively know when we are full and find ourselves immersed in other aspect of life.  The child who was starving for comfort inside us is being fed the energy vibration of love.  We are love and so it is.

© 2009 Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.


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