Is It Me or My Intuition?

Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D.

Intuition is a gift from the Light to each and every one of us. It is like being plugged into a direct cell phone line open to the higher realms of consciousness. When we are stumbling along the path, attempting to walk our talk, the line is always open, ready and willing to assist us in our desire to expand our consciousness.

So what stands in our way to being in tune with our intuition? What causes the static on our lines? As always…..the answer lies within us. And that is a good thing because it is really the only concept over which we have any control. The only person we can control is ourselves.

Discernment may be the answer, being able to discriminate among our various ways of gathering information. The first is our logical mind. It wants to integrate data in a linear way and convince us that it has the answer all by itself. Using rational thinking, the mind motors along the pathway of problem solving with the elements of the issue that it can detect.

Our emotions are the second source of our information. We feel our feelings in our body. Emotions come and go. They change. Often they originate in the lower chakras or lower self. Sentimental feelings can feel as though they are authentic in their depth of regard but would not be a stable basis for action. When we have a desire that arises with our emotions, we can be confused as to whether the strength of that knowing is our inner knowing or whether it is originating within our feelings.

So how do we access our intuitive inner knowing? If we make choices in our lives that keep us in balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually then we have a greater opportunity to be clear. When we are balanced we feel as though we are in the zone, centered, open to possibilities yet not attached to any outcome. We feel transparent and open to the inner flow of energy.

If we are working on a question as to whether it is in our best interest to move to a new location or not, we can listen to how our analytical mind would solve this query. The mind might focus on how to move, the costs, the weather. Holding the question in our heart, we can listen to our emotions about the move. We can feel the degrees of joy and/or the fear as it moves through us as we feel the possibilities of going or staying.

Then we move into the space of just being, not attached, only allowing. We are impersonal and detached. With practice we can feel when we move into emotion, we can realize our thinking patterns when they appear. We let them pass and move into the space that is present moment. We are transparent and immediate. The concerns of the mind are integrated into the shift of inner knowing in a way that brings an “aha”. Our focus on feelings that originate in our lower self is shifted into a rise of consciousness that brings a sense of peacefulness.

We immediately know in that shift of consciousness what is ‘right action’ for us. It isn’t something that we have to work on to achieve; it is always within us. When we practice this integration we find ourselves able to open to it and allow it flower throughout us. The struggle of life is diminished and our joy flows. Our face softens and our breathing slows. . And we know in our hearts and minds what is the appropriate choice for us to make. We are connected and safe.

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