Trusting the Self

In a continuation of my article “Look in the Mirror: your teacher awaits you” I was moved to respond to a particular comment. The thought expressed concerned a common behavior response to the content in our lives: we continue to look outside of ourselves for direction because we don’t know how to trust ourselves.

What does it really mean to “trust ourselves?” What does it mean to “trust the Universe?” Are we aware of the different levels of consciousness within us that we move among during any amount of time? Do we recognize when we are “in the flow” and feeling peaceful? Do we also recognize when we are operating from an energy level of fear which causes us to block the flow of higher energy? As we move through our process of self-realization sometimes we are operating from the lower energies and sometimes we flow in the higher energies.

If we trust ourselves without discernment for our current level of energetic vibration, then we may be trusting our ego to guide us in our lives. The ego is interested in protecting us. When we are operating in our own self-interest we are living from our ego. It is a guidance system based in fear. Our personality-self is the ego directing our life.

Love is who we are at our core. We know this place of love energy because it resonates with our hearts; we are in the zone, we are in the present moment, we feel, we know, there is no doubt. This is the state of consciousness within us that we can trust. It is here that we can rest. It is here that we are safe. It is who we really are. This is who we trust.

How do we live more fully in the higher energies of love and compassion for ourselves and others? In order to increase our awareness of who we really are, we can practice mindfulness. As we become more present in each moment, we can open to the opportunities that we create…… to align the ego with our soul or higher self. This process will allow us to use love and compassion to dissolve the blockages of fear that we experience at times. It means that we use a higher love to guide us in making decisions in our lives rather than reacting out of a degree of fear.

When we touch into that place of inner essence it is no longer attractive to us to look to others for our direction. We naturally turn inward, breathing deeply, quietly connecting with that place of knowing, that place of love for our guidance. We realize that everything outside of ourselves simply doesn’t exist. Everything is within us.

It is our responsibility to clear the way for living in love by dissolving the fear, one step at a time.

So how do we dissolve the fear? By using mindfulness to become aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can embrace them with compassion, breathing love into them, and observe the power of them diminishing. As we continue our practice of loving all parts of ourselves (the perceived positives and negatives) with no self-judgment, we allow the light of love within us to radiate outward. It is our beacon of guidance to trust.

Copyrighted. ….2014

Andrea is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.”  She maintains a counseling practice working with those who are seeking a transpersonal reunion with their inner Being.


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