The Clock Strikes NOW

By Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D. 


Much time and effort can be spent trying to be the NOW.   Being present might be defined as having your complete awareness in a particular moment so that the moment itself is absent.  The idea of being present sounds so easy; however, there are many of us that are experiencing a degree of frustration at hearing so often about being present and feeling that so many times we are not. 


What if we are seeking after the effect and not the cause?  What if we are trying so hard to create the effect of the NOW and there is no need to try?  There is no need to seek.  Being in the NOW is simply the effect of living in our highest consciousness.  Well, that is great but how does one do that?  It is like learning to love yourself.  There are many books written about it but rarely does a deeper understanding comes through to the reader. 


What we are desiring in our lives is to open the flow of energy.  This vibrational flow is between the personality and our higher consciousness.  Resistance to the flow comes from our unresolved relationships.  If we look deeply enough at any disturbing occurrence in our lives such as a feeling of lack of abundance in any area, it will reflect to us a blockage in a relationship with ourselves.  But we will notice it most clearly in our relationships with others, particularly those with whom we have an emotional charge.


We can try to be present in the NOW all we want.  But until we resolve the blockages in our relationships, we are lusting after an effect of something we haven’t realized in our lives.  That effect is the greater awareness of who we truly are at our essence, the process of self-realization.  The physical effects of misusing our emotional, mental and spiritual energies cause imbalances in our bodies and minds, restricting the flow of energy between the personality and the higher consciousness.  We keep putting forth effort to be in the NOW but we will continually fall out into our humanity consciousness until we learn to resolve the blockages in our relationships.  Then we can move out of our habitual focus on the limited sense of our humanity and create the space to live in the infinite qualities of our higher consciousness.


How do we learn to live more often in our higher consciousness?  As we resolve the “stuckness” of our relationships, we are able to spend more of our time focusing on the “I” that is the Unified Field of Consciousness.  We are each a droplet of that connected consciousness.  The “I AM”, or whatever words work for you, expands when we build our focus on it.  Breathing deeply into that energy that we know so deeply in our hearts in times of silence, expands the higher vibrations.  We can feel it deepening into every cell of ourselves.  Our focus on humanity lessens and finds its proper alignment as the space of higher consciousness expands within us.  When we think we are losing connection (we are always in connection because That is who we are but we tend to think it anyway when fear appears in our minds) we return to our breathing.


To live in the NOW, we are being called to explore our stuck places that hold degrees of fearful thoughts.  The global depression we are experiencing in our collective consciousness calls each one of us in a particular way to have the courage to open up our flows.  As we free ourselves of the restrictions, our personality or egos align with our higher consciousness and we realize and remember who we truly are.  The fog clears and the clock strikes the ever present NOW.  There is nothing to seek; we already are that which we have been seeking and that is love. 



Check out Andrea’s new website at where she is offering new teleclasses on Strengthening Mindfulness.  Andrea is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.”   







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