Four Sentences to Remember

Show up.

Be present.
Tell the truth without judgment and blame.
Don’t attach to the outcome.
From Angeles Arrien’s “Four Fold Way.” 
Powerful sentences to be with in our practices.  Just breathe each one in and hold in your awareness and release with the out breath.   Beautiful.

The Art of Making Divine Compost of Your Life

Andrea Avari Stevens, Ph.D. 

In the wake of welcoming ourselves into the New Year of 2009 we cannot help but notice that a decaying process is taking place.  Under normal circumstances this process would seem in ecological balance to the rest of our lives.  Death and rebirth are but sides of the same coin.  Each is contained within the other.  But to those of us willing to pay attention to both our inner process and the outer reflected world, the energy seems to be flowing towards the disintegration of those patterns and structures in a way that challenges us not to grip our minds and hearts in fear. More

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