Is the Practice of Positive Thinking a Distraction from Soul Work?

Andrea Lee Avari, Ph.D.

The soul is a vastly beautiful energy that surrounds and permeates our body, mind, and heart. It is the droplet of Universal Spirit that is uniquely each of us as each individual human being exists. If you were reading the story of it all, you couldn’t put the book down. And what an incredible story it is…….just look down at the complexity of one of your hands. Unbelievably amazing! Think of your eyes, your liver, your brain…… it all works in a flow of atomic synchronicity.

Taking it all for granted is the poison of its demise. The soul wants to shake us up and help us to remember that we really don’t know how we got here; we don’t know what we are doing here, or at the end, where we are going. There is a grand mystery operating in our lives if we want to pay attention and not keep falling asleep.

We want to be happy. We don’t want to feel negativity. And so we learn to focus on positive thoughts. We set our intentions and then sit back. We think we know “The Secret.” The soul, however, is waiting for us to experience all of life. Whatever experience it takes to awaken us to greater consciousness is grist for the soul’s mill. If we are only willing to mine the positive experiences and feelings, we have struck shallow dirt. More

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